32 Ford Sedan Delivery at work again.

32 Ford Sedan Delivery at work again.

Most of you know by now that we are bike fanatics but the truth is, our love of engines and wheels goes much deeper than two wheels. 

The picture above is a beautiful example of a 32 Ford Sedan Delivery that belongs to a recent customer of ours. You probably don't need a history lesson but just in case...

Before cargo vans existed sedan deliveries were used by businesses ranging from plumbers, couriers and local merchants such as bakeries to deliver products to customers.This car may not be delivering goods and services anymore but it was built to haul cargo and 84 years later it is hauling a Contech Freedom XL Trailer.

The owner of this amazing hot rod wanted something he could drive comfortably on long hauls to car shows but needed more room to haul all the essentials.

Our Freedom XL line of trailers is a great option to pull behind small cars, SUV's, and of course Hot Rods! The Freedom XL boasts 30 cubic feet of additional storage and the aluminum construction cuts down on weight. We had to track down a rare shade of red powder to powder coat the trailer the same color as the vehicle and the results were amazing.

Keep an eye out on the highway for this eye catching classic car and  Contech Trailer.