April Showers Bring Soaked Riders

Here in Oklahoma we are finally passed all the cold weather riding and it's warming up but I still feel like I can't win sometimes. We were dodging the colder days and now we are dodging the rain storms. I'm not talking a light rain or mist in the morning. I am talking about the kind of rain that works its way into unmentionable places under your rain gear and when you finally get to your destination you do that duck walk accompanied by the squish...squish...squish with each step. 

I know it probably sounds like I am complaining but honestly I am not. If I had the choice I would prefer weather with less moisture but any day on the bike is a good day (can I get an amen?). 

All this talk about rain does have a point and I guess I should get to it. I have been getting a lot of questions lately about what makes us different from the other trailers on the market. Keeping your gear dry and clean is usually my first answer. There are some video reviews out on the web and with a little research you will see not all trailers are created equal. Some trailers have visible gaps that you can see daylight shining into the interior compartment. Our trailers are seam welded, sealed with a industrial sealer, and feature a two step seal on the leading edges. 

With a Contech Trailer you can travel with a smile in inclement weather because you'll know you can change into dry clothes at your next stop.