"The Sarge" Off-Road Trailer

Contech Performance Series Trailers

$ 2,595.00
We pulled a Freedom XL into our custom shop and went to work making something more suited for weeks in the wilderness. The tires on this trailer are NOT DOT rated and are for off-road use only. Additional tire options are Available, please call for details. 

We started by powder coating the wheels with a textured black powder to cover up the shine and reflection. We added off-road tires for ground clearance and a softer ride for your gear. Just for looks we threw on some hand grenade valve stem caps. Our independent clear center span suspension combined with the 23" tires allows us to achieve approximately 13" of ground clearance and maintain a low center of gravity.

We knew the trailer needed a durable paint that would not shine or reflect sunlight while you are out enjoying nature. The final decision was made to use a two coat polyester based powder coat that utilizes a non-glossy clear to seal the base color O.D. Green. The finish is very durable and resists scratching. The clear resists UV fading and the powder coat will slow the impact salty atmospheric conditions have on the trailer. To finish the off the feel we added some matte black vinyl decals which are optional.

The trailer is light enough to pull behind a UTV and sturdy enough to pull behind a Jeep or SUV.

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